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How To Credit

Most people program a credits screen at the end of their game listing all the people who worked on the game or made resources that were used. When you use someone's resources, you should credit them. Some people are happy with just a name, some want an email address listed and some want a web address listed. You should email the people whose resources you are using to find out how they want to be credited. Some of the people who have submitted resources to this website have given details of how they want to be credited, and that list is below. If you've submitted stuff and you want to send in your details, email .

If you've downloaded resources from PKMN-RM2K and found it useful, you may also want to credit the site using the URL "www.pokemonrm2k.tk".

Jedi_Amara: as "Jedi_Amara - www.pokepeninsula.tk"

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