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Pokémon RM2K's staff are:

Jedi_Amara (webmaster - ) - specialties facesets, charsets, title/gameover screens
Biography: I started using RM2K when I was about 12 (I'm 15 now). I don't use it much anymore, as I have a lot of work to do in other programming languages (I study C as one of my subjects), but I do make quite a lot of facesets and some other resources. I run the site The Pokémon Peninsula and various others, and I took over this site and made it part of my RyuX Network when Kuni decided to give it away.

Biography: <insert here>

All of these staff members make or rip resources. If you're interested in becoming a staff member, we'd love to have you. Email JA ( ) with your details.

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