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About Pokémon RM2K

For years, there were RPG Maker programmers. There were Pokémon fans. There were RPG Maker programmers who were Pokémon fans, writing Pokémon games in RM2K. Yet there were no websites, and only a couple of forums, where you could find a whole heap of Pokémon-related resources for these games. This site aims to conquer that divide.

Imakuni? started the site as a place for people to share resources, but decided that he wasn't up to maintaining it, so he passed it on to Jedi_Amara. JA already had a section on her site, The Pokémon Peninsula, dedicated to RPG Maker resources. She made PKMN-RM2K a sub-site of TPP, added her resources to it and created pages to hold content.

We're now working on spreading the word about the site, getting people to submit resources. Enjoy!

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