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Submission Guidelines

Try to follow these guidelines when you submit a file. You can submit using the upload page or email your files to . And if you upload using the script, please name your files as requested or we won't know how to contact or credit you!

  • FILE FORMAT: RPG Maker uses resources in 256-colour (16-bit) PNG format. We prefer that you submit files already in this format, although you may also submit as 16-bit GIF and the upload script accepts ZIP and RAR files if you want to submit a lot at once.
  • DIMENSIONS and COLOURS: For details of the necessary dimensions for resources, see the RPG Maker help file which gives you all the information you need, together with diagrams.
  • FILENAMES: We need to have the files named so that we know who made them and what they are. Please submit them named like this: type_author_name_at_domain_ripper_name_at_domain_resourcename.png. It sounds crazy but it makes it a whole lot easier for us! So if you're the author, your name is Bob, your email address is bobby@something.com, the ripper's name is Bill, his email address is billy@somethingelse.com, and you're submitting a faceset of Archie, the filename would be: faceset_Bob_bobby_at_something.com_Bill_billy_at_something.com_Archie.png. Of course, if you're both the ripper and the author, just put in one set of name and email address. If it's an original, put faceset_original_blahblahblah or something. If you wanna submit a bunch of files, name them as before, zip/rar them up and upload the archive. ^^;
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