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You can upload your resources here! Try to put them into the valid format first (see guidelines), it takes our time to do it for you and that means we can't work on our other sites! Please name your file in the following manner, so we know what to do with it: type_author_authorname_at_domain_ripper_rippername_at_domain_resourcename.png. It sounds crazy but it makes it a whole lot easier for us! So if your name is Bob, your email address is bobby@something.com, the ripper's name is Bill, his email address is billy@somethingelse.com, and you're submitting a faceset of Archie, the filename would be: faceset_Bob_bobby_at_something.com_Bill_billy_at_something.com_Archie.png. Of course, if you're both the ripper and the author, just put in one set of name and email address. If it's an original, put faceset_original_blahblahblah or something. If you wanna submit a bunch of files, name them as before, zip/rar them up and upload the zip. ^^;
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