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About RM2K

If you've just ventured into this site by chance, you may not know what RM2K is. RM2K is a shortened version of RPG Maker 2000. You may also see the abbreviations RM2K3(+) for RPG Maker 2003(+) and RMXP for RPG Maker XP. The RPG Maker series is a Japanese computer program made by ASCII Corporation, and is very popular around the world, although it hasn't achieved a release outside Japan. Basically, it allows you to make role-playing games for the PC, from very basic games to games with complete custom menu and battle systems (CMSs/CBSs). There are many sites and forums dedicated to RM2K.

RM2K was originally translated by a guy named Don Miguel, who is respected by RM2K programmers everywhere. A few years ago, there was a crackdown by ASCII on websites offering the translations of RM2K for download, as this distribution is illegal. Since then, Don Miguel no longer translates RM2K, but he still offers tutorials on how to use it. By the time RM2K3 was released, new people came on the scene to translate the program, so while if you're using RM2K you're almost certainly using Don's translation your RM2K3 could be one of a number of translations.

PKMN-RM2K doesn't offer the RM2K program for download as it is illegal to do so, but a search on Google would get you a few sites that still have it up despite ASCII's crackdowns. Meanwhile, resource sites are completely legal, and this is what PKMN-RM2K offers.

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